When it comes to babies, toddlers and children in general, the majority of the chat is focused on the child’s relationship with the Mother. And rightly so of course. The Mother carried the foetus for 9 months and birthed the child and in a lot of cases, fed them from their own body. Fair play. Mum’s you are legends…and I have the utmost respect for you.

However, the focus of this photography project, is firmly on Dad’s. Having become a Dad myself at the time along with several of my friends I wanted to do something to celebrate the bond a Dad has with their child. My job has enabled me to spend a lot of time with our son and form an incredible relationship with him but not all Dad’s are so lucky. They sometimes work away or long hours and have to spend fleeting moments with their child, but still that bond is formed.

My intention for this project then was to create one solitary portrait of Father and child together accompanied by a recording of Dad dispensing some advice to their child which would stand them in good stead for the years ahead. Maybe, by doing so, it could become a record of a moment in time which could be played and shown to the child when they are old enough to understand its meaning.

There are already a lot family photographers who focus on the Mum’s so this is me giving something back for the Dad’s and empowering Dad’s to express their emotions to and about their children.


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Family photographer somerset - Parent's give advice to their children