Relaxed wedding portraits & real moments

Somewhere in the whirlwind of your wedding day, I will take the two of you away to a place of calm where you can focus on each other.

You’ll remind yourselves why you’re there and you’ll share a laugh over something that happened earlier in the day.

I want the photos of the two of you together to be as natural as possible. To do that you’ve got to be relaxed with each other. Check. And you have to be relaxed with me being there with you. That’s achieved by me getting to know you every step along the way up to your wedding day. The first call we have, the emails we share, the plans we make, the venue visit and the engagement shoot if you choose to do one.

After all that it’ll almost be like I’m not there as you hold each others hands, sink into to each others arms and realise that you’re married. And the best bit is, I’ll not take you away from your party for hours on end. We’ll be there for around 30 minutes and then maybe another 20 minutes later in the day if the light is softer, and you’ve had a few drinks!

If you’re planning your own wedding in Devon or anywhere in the UK and beyond and you like how I work and how my images look then please use the button below to head over to my contact page and get in touch.

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